What the hell is a Red Team?

RedTeamEyesImagine you had an opportunity to talk to your worst enemy—and you knew he could only tell you the truth. What would you ask him? Wouldn’t you love to find out exactly what he thinks about you, or why he hates you so much…or what he’s planning to do to hurt you or your family? Now you can get answers to those questions.

Apex Red Teams™ becomes your enemy—or business rival, or terror / crime / ideology threat—and gives you a perspective you can’t access anywhere else. We complement, not compete with, your existing security program. We show you how you look from the outside, warts and weak spots and all. This isn’t just one more checkbox on your organization’s annual list of regulatory requirements. It’s a chat with the devil.

In the 80’s I joined the Navy to become a Soviet “subject matter expert” (SME). I learned Russian language and order of battle, and began serving within the National Security Agency with recognized expertise in that particular foreign culture. In the 90’s I decided to pay the immense personal price of qualifying as a Navy SEAL. I became a SME in special reconnaissance, intelligence and counterterrorism. I continued to travel the world learning languages, worked even more closely with foreign partners, and became far more intimately aware of the needs and intentions of our enemies. All told, I’ve worked in more than 30 countries. Because of this priceless experience base, I was chosen to begin targeting our own forces to discover vulnerable gaps, to “reveal and seal” those gaps, so the real bad guys could never exploit them.

In the mid-2000’s I retired from the Navy and returned to Iraq and Afghanistan as a liaison officer and advisor for different U.S. organizations. I served as the conduit between military services, government agencies, and even foreign forces. I wrote a little book called “Powerful Peace; A Navy SEAL’s Lessons on Peace from a Lifetime at War” and eventually directed operations for the Defense Department’s Red Team. You could call this the ultimate promotion—from terror cell operator to group mastermind. Now, with Apex Red Teams™, I’ve been blessed to bring aboard some of my closest and most accomplished colleagues in the areas of Information Security, Terrorist Operations, Security Engineering, Infrastructure Protection, Youth Violence, and more. From this roster, Apex Red™ will custom-build the exact assessment cell your organization needs.

Red Teaming isn’t like anything else in the security industry. We are in fact the opposite—we let client security managers do their very best in completing plans and programs. When their work ends, ours begins…and we always reveal gaps that still need to be sealed. In years to come, security directors and chief executives will look back on what Apex Red™ is now introducing to the private sector, and wonder just how they ever felt really secure without it. Contact me or comment if you’d like to learn more.